Frequently Asked Questions

Our content updates include items such as addition of pages, changes to photos and graphics on the site, changes to website content such as adding of paragraphs etc. This however does not include any changes to the site design itself.

We do not set limits on the number of requests the client can make. However we do reserve the right to negotiate the contract if the frequency of updates increases unexpectedly or if support is required beyond the normal updates to the website.
Websites are dynamic in terms of data flow to and from the web servers. Web servers are like any other computer, prone to malfunctions and glitches. Although most hosting companies promise high uptimes there are times when we have to intervene.

Our technical support service as part of the website AMC includes: Immediate response and investigation in case the website does not load
Changes to the setup of the server such as adding sub-domains
Managing the email addresses and email setup for the website
Updating of scripts and code when newer browser versions are released
Answering technical queries from the client and advising the client on technical issues
There are many levels of security for each website, starting from the server level firewalls to the password protected login systems of the website. These have to be maintained, monitored and updated regularly. Everyday new threats come up on the internet and each one has to be dealt with and secured against. This requires vigilance and strong security routines.
Updates to the website code and scripts to ensure security remains
To apply patches and solutions wherever security loopholes are detected
To routinely update the security protocols of the server
To take regular backups of critical data of the site
To restore the data in the worst case scenario of the server crashing or being hacked
Consider the annual maintenance contract as an insurance policy to keep your website going throughout the year and contributing valuably to your business.
Website: Well! We can deliver a website within a week, But it may also take more than 30 days. It would completely depend upon the rate of content or understanding about what you need is provided to us.
Graphic Products: We commit to deliver the product within 15 days starting from the complete product specifications are provided to us.
Hardware Products: Give an order, make a payment and you'll have your product.
Payments are accepted through Mobile Wallets like Phonepay, Google Pay, Paytm. Also we accept Cash Payments, Net Banking, Bank Transfer as well as Cheque.